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Sometimes you need just a little bit more support to help you achieve your goals. We totally get it! So we’ve created a list of online resources that can assist you and are accessible either on a desktop or mobile device. Good luck!

Do you know of an educational tech tool that has supported you or someone you know? Please share it with us by contacting Justin Davis, at justin [at]

Tractus Insight

Guides high school students through the college search process, like a professional counselor would, without selling or sharing student information as other search tools often do. Read more...>


Piazza gets students help, fast. Students post questions anonymously and their classmates and professors collectively answer. This online platform gets them high quality answers for even the most specific doubts, within minutes. Read more...


Enables high school students, starting in the 9th grade, to earn “micro-scholarships” towards college based on their individual achievements and progress toward graduation. Read more...

FAFSA Community

A comprehensive resource for helping students complete the FAFSA and apply for financial aid. Read more...


Mytonomy is a near-peer social network designed to bring alumni advice to high school students while supporting the overburdened high school counselor. It helps young people from age 14–25, make better decisions about big life choices: how to go to college and pay for it, where to apply, what to study, and how to link all of that to an eventual career. Read more...
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